Sentinel Prime A.I. was developed by inGen Dynamics Inc., an A.I. robotics company, and is now available for 3rd Party Integrators to use with their existing Home and Small Business security software services and products.

Sentinel Prime A.I. will provide real time event detection and alerts for your existing customers to use, providing you a unique opportunity to upgrade your existing platform and end-user experience. Sentinel Prime A.I. can give you both a competitive edge in today’s security service landscape and the potential for higher profits and ARPU.


Always on Guard

Sentinel Prime A.I. will impower your 24/7 Security systems, operators, and customers with real-time alerts

Sentinel Prime A.I. is pre-programmed to automatically detect hundreds of items and events

Users can customize and define potential events of interest in advance for real-time alerts

Sentinel Prime A.I. can reduce false events, missed events, monitoring time, and review time activities


Easy-to-use and incredibly intuitive

Sentinel Prime A.I. is a Cloud-based Software product that you can download and add to your system

Sentinel Prime A.I. provides free, easy-to-use APIs, to download and integrate with your existing Platform

Sentinel Prime A.I. allows you to see things differently by highlighting in real time, anything abnormal

Existing Security systems and services can now integrate A.I. Detection Software Features and Services.


AI Assisted Video Surveillance

Sentinel Prime A.I. delivers Loitering alerts, Intruder alerts, Animal Alerts, Strange Objects Alerts, Face Mask Alerts

Sentinel Prime A.I. delivers Fire Alerts, Smoke Alerts, Abnormal Event Alerts, Vehicle I.D. Alerts, Face I.D. Alerts

Sentinel Prime A.I. offers a growing number of event and threat detection solutions with our A.I. technology

Sentinel Prime A.I. can be used for Home Security Systems, Small Business Security Systems, Large Buildings


Sentinel Prime A.I. History

Sentinel Prime A.I. is owned and operated by inGen Dynamics Inc, a A.I. Software and Robotics Company

Sentinel Prime A.I. is an A.I. cloud-based software product that is now available to be purchased

inGen Dynamics is an A.I. Robotics hardware and software company developing Home Robots

Sentinel Prime A.I. is designed for Robots but now can be used separetely with your current Security System

Sentinel Prime A.I. purchase is only available to 3rd Party Security Companies that will integrate the program with their existing Platform

Sentinel Prime A.I. is not available for sale to consumers directly and can only be purchased from an Approved Security Provider


Security Reseller Program

Our Security Reseller Program can help you add A.I. Security Software features to your existing Security Platform

Our Security Reseller programs provide customer support, API’s, Integration tools, and unique one-rate pricing

Security Service Provider, Security Equipment Provider, Security Integrator, can now add A.I. Technology

Our Platform and One-Rate Pricing schedule is best in class, giving you a competitive edge and higher satisfaction ratings

If you would like to join our Security Reseller Program, please email

How it Works

Sentinel Prime A.I. delivers Loitering alerts, Intruder alerts, Animal Alerts, Strange Objects Alerts, Face Mask Alert
Download Software and API’s from our cloud platform to your Cloud platform plus your account Access Key
Integrate Prime A.I. Software with your existing platform in your own Cloud-based storage program
Select Features you would like to use, offer your customers, and define your pricing strategies
Pay one monthly fee for each end-user customer using 20 cameras or less


A.I. security software

Sentinel Prime

Sentinel Prime A.I. security software is a Linux based software programs, proven and easy to integrate with most existing software programs. We provide free API’s, documentation, and integration support. We will assist you with the process so you can add this exciting new A.I. security service to your existing platform and customer base.

One-Rate Pricing

  • Full access to the listed features when activated and paid in full
  • Complete access to API’s and integration documents
  • Resellers will receive a Digital Access Key to use and activate software
  • Low cost per End-User Customer using our Prime A.I. detection software platform
  • Not for general consumer use; only Security Service and Equipment Providers
  • Customer Support to assist with use and access Free Updates

Check out the features.

Sentinel Prime A.I. has many features that can be activated and programmed for your existing end-users to use and access; from
Business-based features to Home-based features, you can customize your new end-user services, experience, and end-user pricing.
Sentinel Prime A.I. features include the following for you to access and activate, all for the same price.


FireArms and Weapons Detection

Sentinel Prime A.I. can detect more than 3000+ firearms & weapons models with an estimated accuracy of 99%. Alerts generated by these detections increase safety.


Activity and Line Crossing

This feature enables effective monitoring of people on the basis of assigned activities and authorized location presence. Any infringement is quickly flagged which enables the effective monitoring


Vehicle identification and Tracking

Monitoring entry/exit of vehicles and movement within an area/facility is a major critical activity. Sentinel Prime A.I. can keep complete track of all vehicles entering / leaving a facility and also the movement inside.


Sound Detection & Classification

In a majority of cases, sound is the first event indicator. Sentinel Prime A.I. has the ability to detect and classify over 60 different sounds emitted from machines/human/ animals/environment etc.


Fight Detection

Sentinel Prime A.I. has the ability to identify fight occurrences by movement trajectory analysis and send out alerts. Such alerts will assist in containing violence in public / facility spaces


Person Trajectories:

Sentinel Prime A.I. has the ability to track the movement trajectory of a person and come up with a probable event occurrence possibility.


Smoking Detection

Non Smoking areas are a prime area of concern. By effective identification of smoking occurrences Sentinel Prime A.I. assists in ensuring a healthy environment


Fire and Explosion Detection

Faster detection will assist in controlling damages and loss of life. Sentinel Prime A.I. can identify such incidents quickly and alert the action teams immediately.


AI event based video Camera:

Sentinel Prime A.I. has the ability to track an record individual events across locations and provide a compiled data output. Such data helps in major business decisions.


Workplace Safety

PPE compliance is a mandatory requirement in any facility. Sentinel Prime A.I. can scan personnel for Protective gears and flag and alert non compliance. This will be a major enabler in any facility.


Work Place -Policy Violations

Sentinel Prime A.I. can identify unsafe behavior by employees and flag non reported adverse events, procedural violations, environmental issues, permit violations inside the facility.


AI Object Locator

Sentinel can locate & identify objects / assets in a facility and keep track of the same.


Intrusion Detection

Sentinel Prime A.I. has the ability to secure individual areas in a facility and highlight any unauthorized access. This will enable better security inside the premises


Intrusion Detection

Sentinel Prime A.I. has the ability to secure individual areas in a facility and highlight any unauthorized access. This will enable better security inside the premises



Loitering can help identify detect suspicious behaviour by random strangers in your premises and can also help detect productiivity decreasing activities.


Perimeter Sweep with count

By the use of AI , Sentinel Prime A.I. has the ability to monitor activities along the perimeters/boundaries and flag person movement or crowding incidents.



Sentinel uses your servers and GPUs efficientl, and can scale to monitor thousands of cameras.


Alerts Configuration

Standard configurable alert options to mobile phone, web, and e-911


Lightweight Technology

Our algorithms are lightweight and fast, built to operate in real time and keep you safe. We use our own proprietary technology developed from scratch to accelerate cognition.



Only shows unusual events ,focused attention


AI VirtualCam™

Create Virtual Feeds of tons of footage specific to events



Analyse movement and behaviour using heat maps.



Overlay historical feeds to create event driven video data.



Detect unknown faces in monitored environments



Detect and analyse suspicious sounds in monitored environments



Analyse and Detect Air Quality with Machine Learning Patterns as additional input



Real time AI driven video feed to third party devices automatically.

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